Nathan's 2018 Word of the Year

Every day I wear basically the same thing (jeans and a blue gingham shirt). Every day I park in the same spot (the second to the right of the light pole). Every day I eat the basically the same lunch (ham & cheese sandwich, fruit, animal crackers, and something sweet).

Change is hard for me.

That is why it was a challenge for me when our well-thought-out plans for last Sunday changed when both Pastor Jack and Pastor Kyle got sick on Saturday afternoon.

I had two major takeaways from that morning: 1) I am so thankful for the awesome worship, tech, hospitality, and Sunday school teams we have who serve with excellence no matter the circumstances; 2) I am so thankful for our big God who never changes, even when our plans do.

Change has been even bigger for me lately than just a last-minute worship service audible.

As 2018 approached quickly, Addie and I already knew this was going to be year of change for us. On January 1 I started my new job here at Grace. We are expecting our son to arrive any time in the next few weeks. And with a year starting like that, we are mentally preparing ourselves for whatever additional changes God throws our way.

Deep down, I know that I like routine because it makes me feel like I am in control, like I know what to expect. And that is exactly why I believe God keeps bringing change into my life: I need to be constantly reminded that I am not in control. And it is actually way better for everyone that God is in control instead of me.

So this year I decided to lean into it - to lean into what God is working in my life - by being keenly aware of the changes before- and around me.

This year Addie and I decided to choose a word of the year - a word that we can keep at the front of our minds each day as a way to continually frame the way we live. It did not take long before we settled on our 2018 word of the year: immutability.

Immutability is the attribute of God that describes His unchanging nature.

In a season of life when so much is changing both in- and around us, it gives us so much peace and confidence to know that God - the one who is sovereign over everything - does not change.

No matter how much my life may feel like it is overwhelmingly marked by change right now, my word of the year - immutability - reminds me to rest knowing that God is the one thing that will absolutely remain constant.

Our God, whose steadfast love endures forever (Psalm 136 - seriously, go read Psalm 136!), is the same yesterday and today and forever (Hebrews 13:8).


I love you, Church!

-Nathan Ehresman, your friendly neighborhood Creative Arts Director