Executive Pastor and Bolivia Updates

Welcome to my first edition of writing for This Week at Grace. We have developed a Directional Team consisting of Jack, Steve, Kyle, Loren, Juli, Nathan and myself. The purpose of the Staff Journal is that we take turns to give you a glimpse into our hearts. So I would like to share with you 2 things that are on my heart.

Executive Pastor

The first is filling the position of Executive Pastor (XP).

Today is the last day that we are receiving resumes; we have received 16. The Directional Team and Elder representative Audrun Siebert will meet on March 19 and narrow the resumes down to three candidates, then we will begin contacting them for more information. In reality, whoever we choose probably won't start before June 1.

Please pray for us as we make this important decision.

I'm excited to have the XP come on staff to help with policies and procedures, as well as other things. We have a great team working here in the office, so I'm eager to see how the XP will fit in. He will be part of the Directional Team; in fact, he will probably lead it!!


Bolivia is the second thing that is on my heart.

The trip I was able to take with the team down to Bolivia was amazing!!!

I learned so much about Compassion International, how they not only have child sponsorships but also a child survival program for pregnant moms and children up to 1 year old. They also have a GAP program for students after high school.

Compassion’s model for church planting is very unique and incredible.

Then vs Now.jpg

A highlight of the trip was being able to see our church plant, which was awesome. They have purchased the land (thank you to all who bought a duplo(s) and contributed to the church plant) and have started construction. They already have about 200 children attending on Sunday mornings!

But the moment I will never forget is seeing an elderly lady singing and praising God. Below is a picture I took with her.


Please be praying for the Bolivia church plant and be praying and asking God if He is wanting you to sponsor a child from the plant. April 22 is our Compassion Sunday, when you will have the opportunity to choose a child to sponsor. GCC's goal is to sponsor 100 children.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions about the XP or Bolivia. They are both pretty big things that will be happening in 2018!!

Ministering Together,

Janelle Paden
Office Manager