Grace Care Team


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Grace Community Church wants to meet needs of the elderly shut-ins, people on our cancer prayer list, and new widows/widowers. The Grace Care Team serves these needs in a variety of ways:

Prayer Partners
Prayer partners make weekly contact to check on how they are, be a listening ear, and discern physical- or companionship- or spiritual needs. And, of course, they pray with the person.

Transportation Partners
Transportation partners help when an individual needs transportation to church or perhaps a medical appointment.

Meals and food gifts
When circumstances make it a short-term challenge for those in need to prepare meals for themselves, the Grace Care Team would organize and make meals. Perhaps there will be opportunity to make or bake something for a birthday or anniversary, or perhaps a holiday gift such as Christmas or Easter, based on appropriateness for individual's situation.

Home Improvement/Repair
The Grace Care Team can also organize and provide simple home repairs.