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Sunday School classes are available for people from all walks of life and may be joined at any time. Questions? Contact Loren Kurtz,

The Secret Battle of Ideas about God

All Men Invited
9-10:15am | Room 201/203

This class will be discussing the book The Secret Battle of Ideas About God by Jeff Myers. The book explores what the various worldviews competing for dominance in our contemporary culture say about life’s biggest questions.

Christian Living in a Secular World

9-10:15am | Fireside Room                                     

Everybody agrees that we live in a secular world. But what is secularism? Nobody seems to agree on that. And how did we get here? Nobody agrees on that either. And what on earth are we supposed to do about it? Same answer. In this class we'll explore these questions and seek out Christian answers to them. Our aim will be to set our eyes firmly on Christ, the author and perfecter of our faith, as we navigate our way through a complicated and disorienting modern world.