vision 2020


what is vision 2020?

Vision 2020 is a prayer-based exercise in spiritual and cultural discernment and creative thinking that seeks to discover God's plan for the next era of effective ministry for Grace Community Church. What might ministry look like in the year 2020?

Vision 2020 will move forward simultaneously on three parallel tracks:

1. Rail 1 - Freedom 2017 - Unleash the financial resources for ministry that are now currently going toward mortgage payments for our major expansion completed in 2005. The debt we now carry is the greatest impediment to moving forward in the areas described below.

Relevant numbers - Monthly mortgage payment of $25,000; final payment date as currently structured of March 2019

Goal - Raise $375,000 in the Freedom 2017 campaign by 2017, cutting the time between now and completion in half

2. Rail 2 - Dreaming - Engage the Elders, staff, councils, ministry teams, and the entire body through prayer and creative thinking in a process of imagining where Grace Community Church could and should be in ministry impact on our community, the region, and the world by the year 2020.

3. Rail 3 - Transition - Establish a pastoral succession plan to enable a seamless transition to a new generation of pastoral leadership. This transition would be complete by 2020.


how can I engage with vision 2020?

Freedom 2017 - Commit to giving a monthly or one-time gift towards reducing the debt in order to unleash our financial resources for ministry. Fill out this form to let us know of your commitment.

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Dreaming - What dreams do you think God has for us in the next five years? Let us know here.

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Pray - Use our daily guide to pray for Vision 2020.