Surrendered is a Good Place to Be

Surrendered is a good place to be…

That's what I'm re-re-learning these days.

As we've walked through the book of James on Sunday mornings over the last few weeks, I've been challenged to be intentional about surrender - to have a present faith.

I'm a planner… I know, big surprise! (wink, wink)

Having a mind for details and planning for the future is a great gift to have. Planning ahead is a really good thing in a lot of ways. Admittedly, one of the pitfalls (at least for me) is the tendency and temptation to try to control outcomes.

I was convicted, as we looked at James chapter 4, that my attempts to control show a lack of faith and surrender to God's sovereign plans. Though often unintentionally, I am in my own way "boasting" about my plans for the future and operating foolishly in my own strength. I've seen this play out a lot lately as I'm in a season of big changes - new office staff, new job, new home…

The more things change, the more I feel out of control. The more I feel out of control, the more I try to control. Ug!

I love having the "What's Real?" and "What's Next?" questions at the bottom of the notes section in the church programs each week. They challenge me to think more personally about the sermons, be truthful with myself, and put action to my faith.

Recently one of the application questions on the program (7/14) was: "What habits help you humbly plan for your future while relying on God?"

Regular and intentional surrender to God's will is what I landed on.

When I'm out of the habit of daily (sometimes hourly) saying to the Lord, "Here's what I'm planning; here's what I have before me - but your will, not mine," I am less likely to grasp for control. But with this daily little practice in place, I can keep my heart centered on- and surrendered to the immortal, invisible, almighty God who has plans far greater and more glorious than I can imagine. This helps me bring prudent planning and reliant faith into alignment. I'll be working at reestablishing this habit now.

Proverbs 3:5-6, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths."

What habits help you humbly plan for your future while relying on God?

Join us this Sunday as we worship through song together and one of our elders, David Landis, leads us in exploring Matthew 8:5-13!

Juli Dirks
Executive Director of Ministries