Have you been noticing those words popping up at church more? We sure hope so!

As a staff we've been working hard toward advanced planning, as well as creating a rhythm of ministry from year to year—a pattern of larger ministry efforts that the church can count on, look forward to, and plan to participate in.

We affectionately call all-ins our "big rocks".

All-ins are designed to be intentional church-wide initiatives that align with our mission to love God, love people and lead others to do the same.

Here’s a look at the rhythm for all-ins as it stands now:

  • January: a focus on spiritual disciplines called “Habits of Grace

  • Summer: a focus on reaching our neighbors with the Gospel through Summer Quest

  • Fall: a Fall Family Focus, alternating between a marriage emphasis one year and a parenting emphasis the next

As we grow and develop a rhythm that works well we'll also include other events like the Community Thanksgiving, First Responders Appreciation, or church-wide service days.

"All-in" really describes both how we approach these events and how we want you, the church body, to think of them.

Our desire is that these events will help to unify our body as we learn and serve together. We are one body and we need each other to grow well and minister effectively! We hope you will begin to look forward to all-in events with anticipation and a heart to join us in what God is doing here at Grace.

So when you hear "all-in" the next time, perk up your ears! Think about how you can join in, whether that be by attending, participating, or volunteering in some way. Let's look forward to seeking and serving the Lord together.

Our next all-in is coming January 2019! For this year’s Habits of Grace, we'll place a month-long emphasis on evangelism and discipleship. This includes not only a sermon series throughout the month, but also meaningful testimonies, weekly suggested activities to help you grow in your ability to make disciples in the home and beyond, access to valuable resources for all ages, and more.

Be looking for ways you can be a part of this important all-in event, and please be praying that God will equip our church to "be the church" in our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools.

Juli Dirks
Executive Director of Ministries