Grace Resources

Here at Grace we exist to love God, love people, and lead others to do the same. (Maybe you have heard us say that?)

A big part of what we do happens on Sunday mornings—that is the special time set apart for us to come together as a church family, as one body, to worship God together and to be motivated, united, encouraged, and equipped.

But it doesn’t stop there.

We believe that the church isn’t this building where we gather. The church is a people; you are the church.

And that is why another big part of what we do is offer resources to help you to grow in your love for God, love for people, and ability to lead others to do the same during the week.

We want to equip you to go be the church.

So, now, I present to you a list of the resources we currently have available:

Sermon Outline and ‘What’s Real?’ Questions

So, let’s say you had to take a quick bathroom break during the sermon and you missed one of the blanks.

Good news: we post each sermon’s outline (with the blanks filled in) on our website!

Then, let’s say your Community Life Group is discussing the previous sermon but you could really use a discussion guide.

Good news: each sermon outline is accompanied by What’s Real? questions that help you and your group explore if what is true in the Bible is also true in your life.

[PS, let’s say you are loving this FAQ sermon series but wish you had someone you could talk to about it. We would love to get you connected to one of our Community Life Groups! Fill out the Connect With Us form and say you’re interested in joining a Community Life Group.]

Next Step: Download the sermon outline and What’s Real? questions on the Sermons page of our website.

Sermon Audio and Video Recordings

Whether you are home with a sick kiddo or traveling or whatever the reason you may miss a Sunday morning service, we have you covered!

If you are not here but within reach of a smartphone or computer, you can join us on Facebook Live for the 10:30am service.

If you miss Sunday all together, you can find both audio and video recordings of each service on the Sermons page of our website. Or, if you a podcast junkie (like me), you can find our podcast feed in Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify by searching for “GCC Newton”.

Next Step: Tune into video or audio recordings of our sermons on our website or through your podcast provider.

‘Is there HOPE for the Truth?’ Apologetics Class Recordings

This fall, we are excited to be offering an apologetics Sunday school class aimed at equipping you to “always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you” with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15).

We also know that so many of you serve during one of the two service times and attend the service during the other, and are thus unable to attend the class.

Well, more good news: we have both audio and video recordings of each session of this class available!

Next Step: You can find both on the Resources page of our website, or a podcast feed of the audio on Apple Podcasts or Spotify (we hope to have Google Podcasts live soon) by searching “Grace Resources”.

Worship Playlists

Listening to worship music rich in biblical theology is a great way to stay grounded in truth while connecting with God’s heart. Our worship council puts a great deal of prayer into choosing the songs that we sing, making sure they point us toward God and keep His Word on our lips and in our hearts.

As a resource to you, we have compiled a playlist of all the songs in our Sunday morning worship repertoire on Spotify and YouTube!

Next Step:

It is our joy to serve and equip you as you seek to love God, love people, and lead others to do the same in your daily life. It is our prayer that these resources would be a small help toward that end.

Now, after all of this talk of how you can stay connected to what God is doing here at Grace throughout the week, I have to say that I can’t wait to worship with you as we gather together this Sunday!

I love you, Church!
Nathan Ehresman