"He who sings prays twice"

“He who sings prays twice”

This quote is often attributed all the way back to St. Augustine. Although it’s debatable who actually said this originally, it’s been quoted for centuries, and there’s some great truth in it.

Have you noticed that some songs could simply be read as prayers? Have you ever thought of the songs we sing as prayers to God?

So many of the lyrics of the songs we sing are words I would and do find myself praying.

“Lord I need You, oh I need You, ever hour I need You”

“Let Thy goodness like a fetter bind my wandering heart to Thee. Prone to wander Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love. Here’s my heart Lord take and seal it, seal if for thy courts above”

“Turn my eyes away from searching for lesser glory, turn my eyes. Teach my heart with all Your wisdom to live for heaven, teach my heart”,

“Build Your Kingdom here, let the darkness fear, show Your mighty hand, heal our streets and land.”

One of my favorite worship bands is “Citizens and Saints”. I use a lot of their music in my private worship. I especially love their “In Part” album.

Last Sunday we shared their song “Father You Are All We Need” which is based on the Lord’s Prayer that Jack has preached on the last 2 weeks. I’m not sure if we’ll actually add the song to our repertoire, but we are going to sing it again this Sunday. The song is worshipful, and prayerful.

This month, my mind has been in awe of our almighty Creator, who invites us to talk to Him and address Him as Father! Wow!

I’ve also been graciously reminded of my helplessness. I need God, I need Him to work in my heart. I need Him to work in my kid’s hearts. I need His strength and wisdom as I walk with brothers in Christ through hard things. I need His grace and forgiveness day after day!

Church, let’s continue to make 2019 a year of prayer.

Would you join me in some specific prayers?

Would you join me in praying for strengthened marriages and restored relationships? Would you join me in praying for increased impact from our Sunday morning services? Would you join me in praying that our love for God would grow, that our love for people would grow, and that we would take every opportunity to lead others to love God and love people?

See you Sunday! 
- Pastor Kyle