Out of excuses

Do I have a lifestyle of loving people who don't love God? Can I even say I follow Jesus if I don't? When was the last time I had a meal in my home with someone who doesn't dress like me, look like me, act like me, vote like me? 

I don't know about you, but the sermon this past Sunday was very convicting for me! I was challenged in so many ways to take a look at my heart in the area of leading non-believers.

It's not enough to say that I've been nice to the lady behind me in the check-out line or showed patience and kindness in traffic. I can't use the excuses that I'm an introvert or I'm too busy or I'm trying to keep life simple or I don't have the gift of evangelism or I'm not a good cook or it's scary and uncomfortable or . . .

If God has called me to develop relationships with non-believers that can lead to spiritual impact, then I'm out of excuses. Period.

Did this leave you squirming a bit too?

If so, good!

May that squirm compel us all to be willing to intentionally labor for the kingdom by making space in our lives for non-believers, people who are different than us, people who don't know and love God.

Will you join me in praying for God to reveal who in our lives he wants us to make space for?

I pray God will create in me a heart of compassion and mercy for others that leads me to reach out, build relationships, and to live and speak truth with courage so that hearts will be won for Him. Lord, use me in spite of me!

On a different note, I'm so grateful for so many kids joining us on the first night of Awana and Refuel on Wednesday, and for all the volunteers the Lord provided for the evening! I'm praying for the Spirit to work through these two ministries to help kids love God, love people and lead others to do the same.  

Join us Sunday as we return to our walk through the book of Genesis, looking at chapter 13.

In His power,
Juli Dirks
GraceKids Director