Cozy Conversations

The season leading up to Easter and the day itself is always a bright spot and this year was no exception. There are so many reasons why Easter is the highlight it is, but this year I’m thankful for the conversations it stirred up in my kids.

Our normal routine after each Sunday morning is to ask our kiddos what they learned during Sunday school and we do our best to dig in a little deeper than their first responses. But on Palm Sunday our son Max launched into a full-on retelling of the story about Jesus coming into Jerusalem on a donkey and the crowd shouting “hosanna!” It was impressive what details he was remembering and the excitement he had in sharing.

Later that day the kiddos went to go see Cozy the Lamb. They went with their mom while I stayed home with our youngest but when they got back they were pumped. I asked them a few questions and with incredible joy they each shared about what they saw. Max was enthusiastic about the shepherd, the dog and the wolf and Lizzy shared about all the dancers as she herself danced around the dining table.

I asked them if they knew that Jesus told a story like Cozy’s story and they said they knew that already.

Of course they did, what was I thinking.

I asked them if the shepherd who helped Cozy reminded them of Jesus at all and they each said yes. In the days to follow “Cozy conversations” kept happening.

Easter was such a blessing. To sing about our risen Lord, to remember and read the story, and to be reminded that we shouldn’t be fooled about Jesus was tremendous.

He is who he said he is.

I’m still marveling.

After the services and lunch our little family had an egg hunt. I hid the eggs outside for the kids to find, in the cold and drizzle, because an indoor egg hunt wouldn’t be “official.” Needless to say, it went quick.

Then we gathered around the table and the kids opened up eggs and snacked on jelly beans as we read the Easter story once again from John 20. What was fun to see was the parts of the story where the kids jumped into tell and share their thoughts.

And just yesterday as we were driving around town Max asked Lizzy if she loved Jesus. Lizzy said, “Yes, Max. I love Jesus. Do you love Jesus?” Max replied, “I love Jesus, Lizzy.” Anne and I smiled at each other.

I asked Max why he loved Jesus and he said, “Because he died on the cross for my sins.” Then Lizzy chimed in, “And he isn’t in the tomb and he is coming again and we are going to get new bodies…”

If you ever ask Lizzy, she is really excited about the new bodies we get when Jesus returns.

It’s such a joy to see the seeds of the Word and faith grow in your children. I’m profoundly grateful for these moments and opportunities to talk with my children about Jesus. I’m thankful to the whole crew who put on Cozy the Lamb, I’m thankful for the children’s ministry and specifically my kid’s teachers and leaders, and I’m thankful for a church that celebrates Easter well.

Grace and peace,