God's Work at Grace

My family has never had this many medical needs. Let me share what happened this week.

My Home

Courtney had surgery on Monday to repair an umbilical hernia and some abdominal muscle issues caused by pregnancy. The surgery lasted about 3.5 hours and we went home that night with two abdominal drainage tubes.

Recovery will last weeks, but we are taking each day as it comes. The first week requires a lot of hands-on help. Her parents drove up (about 9-hour drive) over the weekend and will be here with us for a week. The kids are loving their time with Grammy and Pappy!

I must admit, I'm pretty tired. Since we've moved to Kansas, we have dealt with a broken arm, a need for eyeglasses, an emergency appendectomy, sleep study, tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, multiple dental fillings, twin pregnancy and birth, common sickness, and now this significant surgery. Will it let up?

I know I'm whining…I mean venting. But I really do want to open my life up to our church. To you. Have you ever had a tough season? It's okay to admit that it's tough. I would not think twice about hearing you out with no judgment.

And because I'm feeling pretty worn out with medical issues, I have prayed for you a little differently. I know that some of you are going through difficulties that make mine seem easy. My heart goes out to you. May we comfort one another with the same comfort we have received.

Last Elder Meeting

Pastor Kyle started our meeting out with a devotional thought from Acts 6:1-7. Then he encouraged us to pray. It was challenging and compelling.

We're still receiving Executive Pastor resumes until March 15. Keep praying!

David Landis (new elder) has offered some extra time to aid our communication between elders and councils. This will encourage and support our invaluable volunteers.

Lastly, the Staff and I are working on some practical helps to serve our community and fulfill our purpose as a church family. We hope to share these in the fall. They will not be more programs, but they will engage all of our members. I cannot wait to share!

I look forward to seeing you Sunday as we continue to look at the rest of Genesis 3. I love you and pray for you often.

Galatians 6:9-10,
Pastor Jack