What does Christmas time mean?

Entering December means Christmas is upon us and we start Advent. Several days ago we were driving around and I asked our kiddos, “What does Christmas time mean?”

In unison Max and Lizzy shouted, “Presents!” Followed by Will raising his voice to match his siblings. I looked over at Anne, smiled, and rolled my eyes.

It is true and I’ll confirm it: my children are already Christmas consumers. It’s an easy trap to be lured into. In case you’re wondering, we gladly get and give presents to our youngsters, we are not anti-gift giving. But way more than getting gifts, which provide a morning of smiling and an afternoon of jealous fighting, Anne and I are wanting our kids to connect and pursue the One for whom we celebrate.

A couple of years ago we were given a Christmas game of sorts called Star From Afar. The game involves a nativity set which has a star that each day leading up to Christmas is visibly hidden in the house for the kids to find with the wise men. As a part of the game we read Advent and Christmas related scripture texts and devotionals. It has become something of a tradition for us. We plan on using it for at least these precious early years to engage our kids in the Christmas story.

The symbolism happening in our home is beautiful; we truly enjoy it as parents. The game has given us opportunity after opportunity of telling the story and pointing our children to Jesus and as best we can teach about what is truly significant about Christmas.

If you have kids, you know establishing “God consciousness” with our children takes intentionality.

I’ve found that as I’ve sought to be intentional with my kids this Christmas God is speaking to me as well about the beauty and mystery of Christmas. Playing this game and teaching our kids has encouraged me to see and embrace the same heart motivation of the wise men. The scriptures tell us it is for worship that they sought the coming king (Matthew 2:2).

In this season may we seek to worship him as well.

Pastor Loren