"I just wish I could find another Christian to hire!"

"I just wish I could find another Christian to hire!"

In a world where Christians are living out their faith, and in their vocations they are truly working with all their hearts as working for the Lord and not for men (Col 3:23), companies would be hoping and trying to find Christians to work for them!

This past Sunday, Pastor Jack reminded us that our work has a purpose, and a big part of that purpose is to be a witness at work that would point people to God!

Some of you may see your job simply as a paycheck. Some of you may find incredible joy in your job. Others may be frustrated with their current job and trying to find a way out.  While still others may be looking for a job, and are simply hoping for a steady income!

When I graduated from college I wanted to do ministry for a living... but that didn't happen until years later. You see, I wasn't working with all my heart as working for the Lord. I was working at what I thought was a temporary job, waiting for my real work to begin. I was just working for the paycheck.

During this time, God was showing His incredible patience to me and waiting for me to respond to His heart.

His heart was that, while working in that home improvement store, I would serve Him, I would represent Him, and I would work at my job with excellence to bring Him glory! 

It took a while, but over the years God graciously changed my heart and my work at the home improvement store became worship! I committed to excellence, to representing Jesus in everything I did, whether people were watching or not! The owner of the home improvement store began to notice and I started getting more responsibilities, and being made in charge of more people.

God was showing me that ministry isn't a vocation; it's a lifestyle that plays out in whatever job you have!

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men." (Colossians 3:23)

Grace, what if all of us worked at our jobs in this way? What if we strived for excellence in our work in a way that gave us opportunity to explain why we work the way we do?

People notice work ethic, they notice integrity, and they also notice if we only work hard when our boss is watching. If we work in such a way that we are giving our best for God, people will want to hire Christians!

So work with integrity and work with excellence even if the rest of your co-workers aren't! Don't abuse your allotted break time, don't waste time on the internet when you should be working. Make the people around you wonder why you work the way you do, and point them to our almighty Creator who is worthy of our best!


My RightNow Media pick of the month is "The Gospel at Work," which is also a book that Pastor Jack suggested as a resource for further study from Sunday's sermon. If you're like me, you probably won't take the time to read, but you might click the graphic below and listen to the video!


As always, here in the office, we are looking forward to another Sunday, to gather as God's people, and grow in our love For Him, grow in our love for others, and be quipped to lead others to do the same!  I can hardly wait to hear the church sing the praises of Jesus!

For His Glory,

Pastor Kyle