Women's Bible Studies 2017-2018

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Every Other Monday
Philippians -using the Bible as text
This Bible study is made up of primarily home schooling moms although anyone is welcome. We share our lives and our hearts as well as encourage one another with some solid teaching and Bible study as our firm
foundation. Childcare available for morning study only.

Dates: September 25, Oct. 23, Nov. 6 & Nov. 13 - will restart in January with a new book. Monday morning: 9:30am, Room 201/203 or Monday evening 7pm, Fireside Room
Contact: Deanna Wisdom, 316.772.7748, wisdomdeanna@gmail.com

Monday Afternoons
I & II Thessalonians: A Precept Inductive Study

Looking forward to the return of Christ, in Thessalonians Paul focuses on us being blameless and not being
deceived about Christ’s coming. This year we offer a shorter version of the workbook for those interested. We will do an every other week study, fellowship/craft schedule.

Meets: 3pm-5pm, Fireside Room; All ages willing to do homework. No childcare.
Cost: $38.50 plus shipping for full lesson; $29.75 for shorter version

Contact: Debbe Jantz, 316.283.4945, debbedj@gmail.com or Judy Davidson, 316.283.9061, sjd2004@gmail.com

Second Monday Evening Each Month
Growing in the Dark: A support group for women facing anxiety and depression

Our goal is to foster a place where women can share freely and we can encourage each other to engage in the hard work of struggling well. We also desperately want to help each other know Christ more and grow in our relationships with Him who is the true Healer. We will be discussing topics from the book Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow.

Meets: 7pm, Norm’s (613 N Main), No childcare
Contact: Julie Friesen, 316.239.8036, julie.a.friesen@gmail.com

Tuesday Mornings
Isaiah: Verse by Verse

We will study a lot about the rapture, tribulation and millennium, and our hope of heaven, challenging the ladies to be faithful in witnessing to unsaved children and grandchildren.

Meets: 9:30-10:30am, Presbyterian Manor Chapel. Mostly seniors, all ages are welcome. No cost.
Contact: Eleanore Myers, 316.281.1313, eleanoremyers@gmail.com


A Praying Life by Paul Miller
Christians sometimes prioritize productivity over time in prayer - and experience anxiety, joylessness and fear as a result. If prayerlessness marks your life more often than not, this book is for you. Miller offers practical, down-to-earth advice on how to talk to God in the midst of your daily routines. Learn to speak from a childlike faith, love your Father’s story, understand unanswered petitions and more.

Meets: 9:30-11:30am, Fireside Room. Childcare offered.
Cost: $12 workbook, $25 childcare donation encouraged
Contact: Becky Olsen, 316.200.8280, prairie77.song@gmail.com

Tuesday Afternoon
Discovery Bible Study

This group’s purpose is to encourage one another and apply God’s word to our lives. We will read designated passages together and answer application questions, keeping focused on what scripture says. This challenges us to think of who else in our worlds needs to hear this truth.

Meets: 1:30pm-3pm, Church Nursery, No childcare.
Contact: Jill Moore, 316.655.0954, jillhm@gmail.com

Wednesday Mornings
Mothers of Young Children 

We are studying 1 Peter. The Bible is the main text, but we are being helped by a workbook and video teaching by Jen Wilkin.  The workbook, 1 Peter - A Living Hope in Christ, can be purchased on line or possibly at Faith and Life Bookstore.  The workbook provides daily guides for personal study. We'd love to have you join us for this time of encouragement and study! Please bring a 3-ring notebook (it can be as simple or as pretty as you'd like!). Childcare provided. The co-leaders of this group are Kirsten Wine and Bobbie Friesen.

Meets: 9:30-11:30am, Fireside Room
Contact: Bobbie Friesen, 316.284.0736, bobbieannfriesen@gmail.com

Thursday Morning
Do You Know the Holy Spirit? (Fisherman’s Pub.)

Have you ever wondered about the Holy Spirit? We are going to explore and get to know the Third Person of God.

Meets: 9am-11m, Room 205. No childcare.
Cost: $6
Contact: Donata Girard, 620.899.8353, donatagirard@gmail.com

Thursday Evening
You're Already Amazing  by Holley Gerth

With You're Already Amazing: Embracing Who You Are, Becoming All God Created You to Be, licensed counselor and certified life coach Holley Gerth invites you to embrace one very important truth--that you truly are already amazing. Like a trusted friend, Holley gently shows you how to forget the lies and expectations the world feeds you and instead believe that God loves you and has even bigger plans for your life than you've even imagined.

Meets: 7pm, Rotating between homes.
Cost: $8
Contact: Amanda DeMoss, 316.259.8953, demossa@gmail.com or Sally Long, 210.355.7147, sallylong86@att.net

The following Bible Study details are yet to be determined, but please contact the person listed if you are interested in the group.

Conquering Codependency (LifeWay)
Why you may need this course: Difficulty seeing persons and situations realistically; belief that you are responsible for other’s thoughts actions; susceptibility to be controlled and a tendency to control others; feeling unhealthy amounts of hurt and anger; feeling guilty about things over which you have no control; feeling that you live a life of loneliness without true intimacy.

Date and time to be determined based on members of the group.

Contact: Darlene Czarnowsky, 316.284.1301, darleneczar@hotmail.com