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Planning a Grace event and need to get the word out? First, make your facility reservation with Edith. Then fill out the form below to request publicity for your event. Once we've received your request for publicity, we'll contact you within a month from your event with final details regarding publicity for your event.

Is this your first time scheduling publicity online? We understand the process looks overwhelming, but we think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how simple it is once you dive in. Hannah will be glad to help you; you're welcome to email her or call her at the church office at 316.283.2554.

The Office reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding publicity and to change scheduled publicity if and when deemed necessary. Please try to have all final info when you first submit this form; we understand that things change and will try to make updates as necessary, but we cannot guarantee that we'll be able to make last-minute modifications.

If you would like to schedule publicity in bulk for a recurring event (such as the Men's Prayer & Fellowship Breakfast, which takes place on the third Saturday of every month), fill out this form for the next unscheduled occurrence of your event, and list future dates in the notes section. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Hannah.

Click here to fill out the publicity request.

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