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Saturday, November 12, 2016         9am-2pm        $15

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Growing in the Dark: Learning about Anxiety and Depression
Do you or someone you know struggle with anxiety or depression? Is it "un-Christian" to struggle with anxiety and/or depression? The answer is NO, but many Christians feel the answer is yes. Understandably, then, many Christians feel shame when they are anxious or depressed, and struggle in silence. You are not alone in these issues, and we want to give women the opportunity to come together and talk about anxiety and depression in a safe and educated environment.

This session will be led by Connie Skibbe, LSCSW.  Connie has practiced therapy since 2008 and currently works at Newton Christian Counseling.  As a Christian clinical counselor, she has worked with adolescents and adults in individual therapy and couples therapy.  Anxiety and/or depression affects many individuals both inside and outside the church.  Connie will be sharing information about depression and anxiety as well as some coping skills.


Priests in the Parish: Mobilizing Women to Their Neighborhood 
As disciples of Jesus, we have been sent as "ministers (priests) of reconciliation".  Our neighborhoods (parishes) are simply the most practical place to engage a lost world for the Kingdom.  In this session we will learn about how Jesus modeled this and explore practical ways to engage our neighbors to begin building gospel centered relationships.  We will also introduce a free and simple discipleship method - mobilizing and equipping you to begin ministry in your neighborhood! 


Color in Your Life: Painting a Masterpiece
Even if you have never picked up a paintbrush in your life, you can walk away with your very own masterpiece and have a great time! Supplies included. Limited seats available.


Connecting with God: Maintaining a Meaningful Relationship
Do you know the feeling when your internet connection is so slow (how did we ever survive the dial up days?), and you're in a hurry to get online to reply to an email or FaceTime with a loved one and the connection keeps freezing? While God never gives up on us nor stops loving us, sometimes we let our connection to Him break down a little bit. It can be frustrating trying to connect back to our routine of talking with God, but He's always here ready to welcome us back. Use this session to learn about keeping your relationship with God in constant connection. It's one that will never freeze up or stall in going through!