Lead Pastor Position

Grace Community Church in Newton, Kansas is on the threshold of a new era of ministry. In the near future, its founding pastor will be stepping aside as lead pastor after 30 years of ministry at Grace.  The Elders of Grace Community Church have established a process of discovering the person best equipped to take the church to a new level of spiritual impact in our community and beyond.  A plan is also being developed to assist in the successful transition of ministry to the new lead pastor.

Grace Community Church exists to develop Biblically grounded followers of Christ who: Exalt the living God in worship, Explore the Word of God in study, Encourage the family of God in fellowship and Extend the love of God in outreach.  Grace was founded in 1987 and currently has 600-700 in attendance with four full-time pastoral staff and a number of full-time and part-time ministry and administrative staff.  Since 2012 Grace has planted three independent, thriving churches in surrounding communities that have full-time pastors.

As the lead pastor, the person in this position will be responsible to give overall leadership to the ministry of the church and the accomplishment of its mission.  



1.         Serve as the primary teacher of the Word of God at Grace Community Church.

2.         Serve as the primary spiritual head and leader of the church, guiding and protecting the congregation, building them up and equipping them for the work of service to our Lord.

3.         Give direction to and work closely with other pastoral staff of the church for the planning of services.

4.         Work with the elders, pastoral, ministry and administrative teams to carry out the overall mission and vision of the church.

5.         Articulate the mission and vision of Grace Community Church and lead the people to fulfill it within their circle of influence.

6.         Mentor current and future spiritual leaders for ministry within the church body.

7.         Be available (along with other pastoral staff) to provide counseling and general pastoral care as the body has need to the extent he is reasonably able.

8.         Conduct weddings, funerals and baptisms as needed.

9.         These responsibilities are designed to indicate the general nature of the work.  It is not to be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties and responsibilities.  Additional responsibilities may be assigned or shared as the need arises according to the gift mix of the person.


The following are requirements of the lead pastor:

1.         A mature and growing believer of spiritual depth and godly character, meeting the qualifications of Elder in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1. These qualifications assume the qualities of humility, a teachable spirit, grace-filled in relationships, emotional and financial health, and a healthy marriage.

2.         Focused on EQUIPPING believers to do the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:1-16)

3.         Has an evangelistic heart

4.         A team player and team builder

5.         Has the spiritual gifts of teaching and leadership

6.         Is a gifted communicator and preacher, able to preach and teach effectively

7.         Committed to expository preaching

8.         Committed to church multiplication as an ongoing strategy

9.         Willing to accept a long-term pastorate

10.     Willing to accept the Pastoral Transition plan as established by the Elders

11.    Committed to continue and build Grace Community Church’s relationship with the Fellowship of Evangelical Churches (FEC)

12.      Committed to Elder polity as established by the Bylaws of Grace Community Church



1.         Appropriate biblical and theological education.  A seminary degree is preferred but not required.

2.         Local church ministry experience.  Multi-staff ministry experience is desirable.

3.         The candidate shall be in agreement with the bylaws of Grace Community Church.


Salary & Benefits

1.         Salary Range $54,000 - $70,000, commensurate with qualifications and experience.  Salary includes housing and travel allowance.

2.         Medical Insurance & HSA contribution

3.         Pension Plan

The successful candidate will be asked to secure ministry credentialing through the Fellowship of Evangelical Churches (FEC) of Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

It is anticipated that successful candidates will be asked to send a video file of a recent service where they have taught the scriptures.

A resume with references may be sent to Gary Jantz at gjantz51@gmail.com