Executive Pastor/Executive Director


Full time, the only difference between the executive pastor and the executive director is that an executive pastor would be able to perform weddings & funerals, preach, and serve on the elder board.

Serve Elders:

  • Meet weekly with Lead Pastor to clarify Elders’ vision.

  • Develop measurable goals and strategy.

  • Establish and update church policies and procedures that effectively facilitate Grace’s vision.

  • Facilitate the preparation of annual Council plans. Avoid duplicate efforts. Champion appropriate resourcing of initiatives.

  • Attend Stewardship meetings.

Serve Staff:

  • Plan, evaluate, and coordinate meetings. 

  • Organize and maintain staff evaluations.

  • Develop meeting agendas.

  • Plan retreats.

  • Create organizational chart.

Serve Office and Members:

  • Communicate and mobilize vision given by the Elders.

  • Implement All-In Church events/efforts.

  • Supervisor of Office Administrator.

  • Maintain Church calendar and scheduling.

  • Direct vendors.

  • Maintain building needs.

  • Manage Grace insurance (building and health).

  • Oversee legal and corporate needs.

Statement of Faith

All GCC staff members must agree to the Grace Community Church Statement of Faith.

To apply

To apply for either position, please email your resume to gracecommunitynewton@gmail.com.