What girl doesn't want to have it all together? Whether popular, not-so-popular, quirky, cool, or anywhere in between, every teen girl wants to love, be loved, and find acceptance and meaning in the world around her. Often feeling alone and insecure, she spends her life competing, comparing, and creating drama to prove to the world and herself that she's enough.

But what if she's already enough? What if girls aren't meant to be perfect but brave?

In this 5-part series, teen girls learn about the struggle to live for Christ when their lives are full of pressure and temptation. Each session features real-life stories of brave girls and focuses on a different relationship: Themselves ~ Friends ~ Parents ~ God


Watch videos from a few of this year's Brave Girl sessions.
Brave Girl #5: God by Addie and Maggie


All sessions are for girls and their moms. Girls may attend without their moms, and moms may attend without their daughters, but they are encouraged to attend together. Girls and moms will have a short teaching time together and then go to separate rooms for discussion and Bible study.

Brave Girl t-shirts cost $5 and will be awarded once all class assignments are completed. A physical Bible is required for this class; please let us know on your registration form (below) if you'd like us to purchase one for you for $10.

5th & 6th Grade: January 15-February 26, Fireside Room, 9am